April 27, 2015

Mother's Day Give Away: $100 Target Gift Card + Ju-Ju-Be! {6 Prizes Total!}

It's finally here! I'm super excited to be working with some pretty awesome ladies in order to bring you this AMAZING giveaway. As most of us are mothers ourselves, we know many of the challenges and rewards that come along with being a mama. So we thought it would be great if we could bless several of our readers with some awesome prizes this Mother's Day! This giveaway just-so-happens to feature two of my very favorite things: Target & Ju-Ju-Be! Ju-Ju-Be make high-quality diaper bags and accessories, and their "coin purses" are prefect for helping to organize your purse or diaper bag. And of course, who can't think of a way to spend $100 at Target?!? There are SIX prizes we're giving away in total, and I'm confident any of them would make for a great Mother's Day for yourself or someone you love.

**** Meet The Sponsors ****

Kate @ Discover. Create. Live.
Hi I'm Kate! I'm a mama to some pretty amazing kiddos and wife to the best husband a girl could ask for! My blog is where we share our lives, printables, gluten free recipes, and all our crazy projects. I'm very blessed to be able to stay at home and am just starting to get into the world of homeschooling. I love making new connections, so feel free to stop over and introduce yourself!

Stephanie @ The Accidental Country Girl
As a city girl turned country girl, life is far from boring around here! I'm a homeschooling mom to three, wife to Mr. Adventure himself and my dreams are often bigger than my days are long but I love this life!

Jennifer @ Chestnut Grove Academy
Jen is a homeschooling mom to 4 kiddos (3 boys and a girl). She has a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She worked in the field for several years prior to having her own children. She started the blog, Chestnut Grove Academy, as a way to be accountable to herself, it's turned into so much more. She loves being able to share ideas and reviews (and sometimes giveaways) with all of you! She has benefited so much from other bloggers, and hope that in some way she can do her part to pay it forward! She is also is part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

Jennifer @ Take Two Tapas
My name is Jennifer Stewart and I am wife of one handsome man and mom to two hungry boys! All of my favorite memories are made in the kitchen so I tend to stay there most of the time. I love cooking and eating food so much that I have to make dishes in smaller portions so I can try everything without exploding. Stop by my blog for some yummy recipes, some are Southern, and some are just plain delicious!

Amanda @ The Mom Next Door
Amanda is the creator and writer of The Mom Next Door. She is a Stay-at-home wife and mother of two children, a boy and a girl, and enjoys cooking, crafts, reading, DIY projects, and home decorating. She and her family are big self proclaimed comic book, movie, and game nerds. The Mom Next Door blog consists of reviews, giveaways, and ramblings of a nerdy stay-at-home mom on everything from parenting to comic book conventions.

A big thanks to our other contributors as well...

**** A Closer Look at the Prizes ****

1st Place: $100 Target Gift Card +
3 Ju-Ju-Be "Legacy Collection" Coin Purses

"Legacy Collection" Prints: The Marquess | The Dutchess | Queen of the Nile

2nd Place: Set of 2 Ju-Ju-Be Coin Purses
{3 winners}

**the names of these sets are to distinguish them from one another, and are not Ju-Ju-Be's official name for them!**
"Feelin' Patriotic" Set - Prints: Syrah Syrah | Sapphire Lace
"Cool Breeze" Set - Prints: Silver Ice | Pixie Dust 
"Summer Lovin'" Set - Prints: Coral Kiss | Sea Glass

3rd Place: Single Ju-Ju-Be Coin Purse
{2 winners}

Print: Licorice Twirl
Print: Mint Chip

**** GIVEAWAY ****
  1. This giveaway will be live from 12:00 am Monday April 27th - midnight Sunday May 3rd (U.S. Central Time Zone)
  2. Winners will be chosen randomly via Rafflecoptor and contacted the morning of Monday, May 4th. If chosen, you will have 24 hrs to respond or another winner will be chosen. IF YOU CHOOSE TO ENTER, PLEASE CHECK YOUR MESSAGES! {I will also post the winners on my Facebook page, but need the response form your account as many people share names.}
  3. "Winners" selected by Rafflecoptor will be verified, so be honest with your entries!
  4. This giveaway is not promoted or endorsed by Target, Ju-Ju-be, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Rafflecopter: it is solely the contributions and efforts of the contributors listed above.

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April 22, 2015

Gluten Free Crock Pot Taco Meatloaf

Wes gets the prize around here for looking up and trying out new recipes! He found the original recipe over at TasteofHome and we only tweaked a few things. I must say it ended up being pretty delicious... and that's coming from someone who's typically not a huge meatloaf fan. {My grandmother even told me it's the beast meatloaf she's ever tried!} Another benefit of this recipe is that it's relatively quick to throw together and the crock pot does all the cooking! Wes threw this together over his lunch break the other day and we all enjoyed it for supper. 

Crock Pot Taco Meatloaf
PREP TIME 20 min  COOK TIME 3-4 hours YIELDS 6-8 servings

Meatloaf Ingredients:
  • 2 lbs ground beef
  • 2 cups crushed tortilla chips
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup salsa
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 3 TBS {or about 1/2 a packet} taco seasoning
Topping Ingredients:
  • 1/2 cup ketchup
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • {optional: the original recipe calls for 2 TBS hot sauce, but we left this out!}

Place all Meatloaf ingredients, except ground beef, into a large bowl and mix well. Add in the ground beef, then shape into a ball.

Line crock pot with tin foil and coat with cooking spray. {This not only makes clean up easier, but it helps to lift the loaf out of the pot for easier slicing!} Place meatloaf onto the foil in crock pot, cover and cook on low for 3-4 hours until no pink remains {if you'r using a thermometer, the temp should reach 160 degrees F.}

Combine sauce ingredients and pour over meatloaf for the last hour of cooking. When meatloaf has finished cooking, let stand for 10 minutes, then remove to slice if desired.


April 20, 2015

Graphic Monday: Blank Owl Cards/Lables

When I set out to make today's printable, I had in mind those little "favor cards" that could be used for Mother's Day coming up in a couple weeks. You know the ones that say things like "free foot rub" or "dish duty for tonight." However, as i got farther into the design I had a hard time of thinking of "favors" that could apply to a wide range of ages {kids or dads, etc.} so I thought it might be best to just leave them blank! {Perhaps I'm just not that creative lol.} Another idea is to use them to write down things you love about your mother, or perhaps some special memories. With them being blank of course there's nothing really specifically tying them to Mothers day, so they could really be used for anything! If you love your mother at all though, I'm sure you'll give some to her. ;)

{Right-click to save -or- Download PDF here}


April 06, 2015

Happy Birthday Audriana!

Yesterday our energetic little girl turned two! Since her birthday fell on Easter this year, we celebrated a day early on Saturday. In honor of Easter, however, we decided to have an Easter egg hunt! It ended up being a lovely laid back afternoon with family... and plenty of chocolate!


March 23, 2015

Graphic Monday: Weight Watchers Points Plus Daily/Weekly Tracker

Last week I announced the birth of our precious baby boy, William. Now that it's been almost a month since he was born, I'm ready to start tackling some of the excess "baby weight." I've had success with Weight Watchers in the past because it's really easy to do gluten-free and fruits & veggies are unlimited so I never have to go hungry! After my last couple pregnancies I used the official Weight Watchers book to track my points, but recently our local office closed up shop. I looked around online for a simple page to track daily AND weekly points, but I couldn't find anything I liked so I opted to make my own. I use this site to calculate points I don't already know or can't find in the book {I used to have the calculator, but it melted when we left it on top of our toaster oven... whoops!}

{download PDF here}


March 19, 2015

William Wesley

I cannot believe it's already been over three weeks since we brought our first little boy into the world! {I'm convinced time goes by progressively faster with each child...} William was born on February 24th - 2 days past his due date - at 2:29pm weighing in at 7lb 2oz {just like Audriana} and measuring at 20 1/4" long. The labour went very smooth... and relatively fast compared to his sisters! We ended up only having to stay one night in the hospital, which was great. We've definitely been enjoying life with this sweet little boy. Hopefully I can update with more pictures soon.


October 28, 2014

DIY Apple {Fruit} Picker

We have a few patches in our yard that need reseeding, so the other day I picked up what I'm calling a "mini rake" {I think it's actually for small, landscaped areas} thinking that it would be good for tilling up the dirt before we seeded. It was not. My super smart hubby, however, was not to be deterred, and he found another use for our little rake! Using an excessive amount of electrical tape and a plastic cup, he created an engineering masterpiece for picking apples too far out of our reach! While he utilized his new creation over the next few days, our girls had plenty of fun playing outside and even getting to sample some of the apples. We even had their cousins over for a little fun!


October 22, 2014

Heartland Farms Fall '14

If you've been following us for any length of time, you know that we have a yearly tradition of visiting Heartland Farms Pumpkin Patch! We actually weren't sure if we'd go this year, but after finding out some cousins were also interested we headed on out! This was probably the warmest time we've gone... which was great!

back: Audri - Wes - Kate
front: Hayden - (cousins) Parker & Bree

August 21, 2014

Big Sisters!


We are very excited to announce that we are expecting another little bundle, coming February 2015!

June 28, 2014

Disney Dream Cruise & Disney World!

This sumer we were very blessed to be taken on a family cruise by Wes's parents along with his siblings and their family. We had such an amazing time and the girls were thrilled to meet all the various Disney characters! The cruise provided endless activities and food (and was excellent with its gluten free options!) We highly recommend trying them for yourself!

The whole family! We're to the left, Wes's brother Jesse & wife Hannah (and their kids) to the right. Wes's parents Matt & Deb and siblings Holly & Collin are in the middle

February 22, 2014

Collin's Senior Pictures

Our family usually makes it down to Arizona to see Wes's family once or twice a year, but this trip had a specific purpose: taking Wes's brother's Senior Pictures! We had already been planning on visiting the Arizona-Sonora Dessert Museum while we were there, so I thought that seemed like a great spot to take the majority of his pictures. 


December 03, 2013

Beadboard Paneling & Wallpaper + Door Install

We mentioned in a previous post that we got our cabinets from 3 different places! Some of the ways we worked to tie them all together was by purchasing new doors and painting them and the cabinets from Craigslist to coordinate with the "new" cabinets from the Outlet. Another thing that we did was to add beadboard paneling throughout the kitchen {and house.} We used the "interlocking" beadboard on the island and small cabinet, one large panel for the pull-out pantry, and beadboard wallpaper on the laundry & kids' bath walls and cabinets.


"cinnabon" cinnamon rolls
Prep Time: 2 hours
Yields: 8 rolls

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Frosted Christmas Krispies
Prep Time: 1 hour
Yields: abt 20 treats

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sugar free banana bread
Bake Time: 1 hour
Yields: 1 loaf
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honey dijon pork chops
Prep Time: 30 min
Yields: 3 chops

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