Inspiration Friday: Patience

I often tell my husband that I think God’s life lesson for me is patience && these past couple weeks have really proved that point! Little girl has been getting her next round of teeth, and if you haven’t been around a teething toddler let’s just say it doesn’t exactly put them in the best of moods. Last Friday she was in one of the worst moods I’ve ever seen her in – the entire day was like one looong meltdown. At one point in time, she flung herself backwards into my face. This freaked me out because she hit my eye and I was really concerned since I am supposed to avoid contact with my eyes for a couple weeks still {due to my LASIK a couple weeks ago.} Well my eye ended up being fine, but after lunch I discovered the majority of one of my teeth had broken completely off! Then of course the whole ordeal with getting that fixed. Anyways, patience :)


Inspiration Friday with DCL



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