And The Walls Came Tumbling Down!

If you didn’t catch the “before” start HERE. The day we closed on our home just so happened to be a Friday… so the very next day we started ripping it apart! The demo continued over the next couple of weeks with lots of help from friends and family. (PS, please excuse my cell-phone quality pictures… I wasn’t about to pull out my “fancy” camera in this mess!) It’s probably super confusing trying to figure out the goal from just the pics, but here’s how we want to change the floor plan:



Round 1: Kitchen & Windows!

Wes & my grandfather taking down the uppers { which we’ll probably save for the garage}
family friends stopping by to check out the progress


mi madre working away at the tiles – I originally thought I could salvage them & give away on craigslist, but they didn’t come off well enough so we ended up throwing them all out – thanks anyways mom!
gramps tackling the pluming in the kitchen {with my other grandpa down below} while my sister & Wes takle some lower cabinets
Both of my grandmas & Jaci did some serious window cleaning – the level of dirt & what i think was mold needed to be cleaned up asap so we could open the windows and air out the house
By the end of our first Saturday we had most the windows cleaned & the kitchen cleared!

Round 2: Bye Bye Drywall

This was the only day I brought the girls… before things got too messy! They played wonderfully while I ripped up the kitchen


Found an old news paper from 1968! Pretty cool.


After completing one wall of drywall – had to be careful of the wiring, but it wasn’t too bad!


My grandma came to provide some back up… Goodbye paneling!


Daylight! So exciting!


My dad cutting down the soffits. So helpful!


More family!


My sister’s bf James & our brother Josh


My dad scoring the seam with a knife before we ripped off the drywall




Round 3: Finishing up the drywall removal + clean up





Round 4: Scraping the “popcorn” ceilings”

After doing our research, we found the best way to go after popcorn ceilings is to first saturate them with water, let it sit about 5 minutes, then scrape it off. This worked really well on most the ceilings, but there were a couple that gave us trouble. The experts in my family informed me this was probably because the easy ceilings hadn’t been painted over, whereas the hard ones had. Fun fact of the day for ya! You might also notice we left all the carpet padding down until we were done with the ceilings – this way we could just roll up the yuckiness and not cause extra work.
Wes staring in the nursery
moving on to the girls’ room
goodbye teal carpet 🙂
sooo messy!
Wes removing the padding after the ceilings are done
Lex & James work so well together 🙂
Dad going after the hard stuff!




Kate Alyse

Kate Alyse

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