Our New Home: The “Before”


We bought a house!  I mentioned in my previous post that we bought a new home and promised to give lots of updates on it, but it’s been harder than I thought to find time to blog! When I started this ‘ol blog Hayden had a couple consistent daily naps that I could count on for a little “me time” to write almost every day. Audri is a great sleeper at night (thank goodness!) but pretty much likes constant companionship during the day (not that I mind). So that’s still an adjustment, but I love it! Anyways, slowly but surely I will keep this thing updated (& probably while holding a sleepy baby.) We closed on our house May 31, and started demo the very next day! But before I get ahead of myself, I’d like to show you all what it looked like before we started ripping everything apart…

We have a nice sized deck on the back with access from the garage and dining area.
We are also blessed with an abundance of fruit-bearing plants! I can’t wait to take advantage of everything. NOTE: I know the trumpet vine isn’t fruit-bearing… it’s just cool!
The little grove between our trees will make a perfect play area for our kiddos don’t you think?
This was the layout of the home when we purchased it: I used floorplanner.com & the blueprints to draw it up!
When you walk in form the garage the stairs, closets, and a 1/2 bath are to your right
directly across from the garage door is a little enclosed den
To the left of the garage entrance is the kitchen and breakfast area (They were still packing when we took these picks!)
Through the kitchen there’s one doorway to the rest of the house, beginning withe the dining room
The dining room flowed right into the living room (you can’t see it very well, but there’s a large picture window behind those curtains!)
Off the living room is the hallway to the bedrooms & main bathroom
The room we will use as our master
The current closet for this room
The main bathroom
I will not miss the green!
The girls’ room (actually the largest of the bedrooms! For now :))
current closet
& the nursey
current closet
Back to the stairs leading down!
A huge unfinished basement… I see lots of future potential!

So that’s it! Next up, I’ll be walking you through the stages of demo (and hopefully some “regular” posts with recipes & family updates.) 




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