“1-Year-Old” Mini Photo Shoot

Since we just got a new camera, I thought it would be fun to try my hand at taking our own “milestone” pictures.

I’m sure I’ll need more practice, but since little girl just turned one I figured we might as well give it a go! Plus I’m certain there are some grandparents who would appreciate it 🙂

hands down favorite picture 🙂

I wonder what she’s thinking about?

I tried putting a bow in her hair – she wouldn’t have it!

she LOVES our fake flowers
concentrating so hard…
“I’m cute & I know it”
she makes this face ALL the time


Kate Alyse

Kate Alyse

Kate is a proud mama to six amazing little sweeties {through birth + adoption} and wife to the best husband a girl could ask for! She considers herself blessed to be able to stay home with the kids, and is just starting to get into the world of homeschooling. In her "spare-time" she enjoys sharing many of the projects, stories, and gluten-free recipes that are a part of their every day lives!


  1. Thank you Kate!!!!  Some day when YOU have granddaughters and great-granddaughters you will know how much these pictures mean to us 🙂  I so enjoy this!

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