The Gluten Free Collective

The Gluten Free Collective



The Gluten Free Collective is a brand new project that was started in order to bring together those with a passion for Gluten Free Cooking/Baking into one handy resource! {Basically, if your site has gluten free recipes/resources, you can participate!} We aim to accomplish this in two main ways:

1. This page will serve as a “Master List” for all the Contributors to the collective. To be considered a contributor, simply place the Collective’s “CONTRIBUTOR” badge on your blog, and fill out this form. Once I receive your information, I’ll check out your blog to be sure your legit {as in not spam, and actually containing GF recipes} and I’ll add you to the List below!


Gluten Free Collective


2. OPTIONAL:  Once you’re a Contributor you have the option to be featured in the monthly Gluten Free Collective blog post! This post will go live on the first Monday of each month. To be a part of a particular month’s post, a contributor needs to submit* the link to their recipe, as well as an image of the recipe by Friday, to be included in the post the following Monday. Some month’s we will try to have a more focused “theme” and others will be open for whatever you’d like to contribute.

*submissions can be sent to





Agony of De-Wheat: Rachel – [healthy GF, celiac & paleo friendly]



Delicious Meets Healthy: Neli – [paleo]

Discover. Create. Live.: Kate – [also has nut, diary, & sugar free recipes]



Gluten Free Jess: Jessica 

Gluten Free Preppers: Adrienne – [allergies, vegan, dairy free, nut free, sugar free, prepper]



Harmony Kitchen: Karen – [whole-foods, plant-based, soy free and mostly nut free]



Pittsburgh Celiac: Melanie – [promotes gluten free resources]



Southern In Law: Kristy – [Common specialties include paleo, vegan, dairy free, egg free, nut free, low fat, etc.]

Steph in Thyme: Stephanie 



The Coconut Diaries: Kim – [dairy free, vegan, sugar free]

Thoroughly Nourished Life: Amy – [vegetarian]



Watch Learn Eat: Sherri & Greg – [Member of Meatless Monday so have many vegetarian recipes too]