The Gluten Free Collective

The Gluten Free Collective



The Gluten Free Collective is a brand new project that was started in order to bring together those with a passion for Gluten Free Cooking/Baking into one handy resource! {Basically, if your site has gluten free recipes/resources, you can participate!} We aim to accomplish this in two main ways:

1. This page will serve as a “Master List” for all the Contributors to the collective. To be considered a contributor, simply place the Collective’s “CONTRIBUTOR” badge on your blog, and fill out this form. Once I receive your information, I’ll check out your blog to be sure your legit {as in not spam, and actually containing GF recipes} and I’ll add you to the List below!


Gluten Free Collective


2. OPTIONAL:  Once you’re a Contributor you have the option to be featured in our Gluten Free Collective blog posts! These posts will happen a few times a year, typically around holidays or special events, and you will recieve an email with information on how to participate that round if you choose to do so

*submissions can be sent to





Agony of De-Wheat: Rachel – [healthy GF, celiac & paleo friendly]



Discover. Create. Live.: Kate – [also has nut, diary, & sugar free recipes]



Gluten Free Jess: Jessica 

Gluten Free Preppers: Adrienne – [allergies, vegan, dairy free, nut free, sugar free, prepper]



Harmony Kitchen: Karen – [whole-foods, plant-based, soy free and mostly nut free]



Southern In Law: Kristy – [Common specialties include paleo, vegan, dairy free, egg free, nut free, low fat, etc.]

Steph in Thyme: Stephanie 



The Coconut Diaries: Kim – [dairy free, vegan, sugar free]

Thoroughly Nourished Life: Amy – [vegetarian]



Watch Learn Eat: Sherri & Greg – [Member of Meatless Monday so have many vegetarian recipes too]