Workplace Health Hacks
Workplace Health Hacks

Workplace Health Hacks

Hey guys!

Today I’m teaming up with the folks over at to bring you some workplace “health hacks.” It’s been a few years since I’ve been in the workplace myself, but I definitely picked up a few things along the way to stay active and healthy! I’ve included a few of my favorite tips in this post, and you can check out for some more great advice.


Be Prepared.

I’m a big advocate for keeping healthy snacks on hand! My personal favorites are apples slices or grapes & cheese, but there are tons of other healthy and convenient options. Having nutritional snacks near by not only helps you stay fueled, but it can also increase your focus and productivity. As an added bonus, when someone brings in their grandma’s famous cookies to share with the office, it will be a lot easier to enjoy just one… because you won’t be a ravenous beast who hasn’t eaten anything since breakfast. {It’s all about balance people!}
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Get Creative.

It can be really easy to fall into the routine of doing the same thing everyday if you have a desk job. To help combat this, you might have to think outside the box to stay active! It will of course depend on your specific work environment, but there are several ways to accomplish this. The standing work station has been gaining in popularity: Mayo Clinic even published an article about its benefits! Other ideas might include timed “stretch” breaks {to stand for just a moment or take a lap around the office,} or when it’s nice enough, walking or biking to work. If none of those are good options for you, there are even some ways to stay fit from your chair!

Keep it Simple.

This is super important for sticking with any type of habit change in the long run. Trying new foods and activities are great, but if they are too time consuming or complicated you’re more likely to just give up on them entirely. Instead, try to make realistic goals and introduce them gradually. For instance maybe start with swapping soda for water or tea on your lunch breaks, or try biking to work once a week. The US Department of Health & Human Services has a great PDF on working through the stages of habit change that can help you think through the process and improve your health.
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