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About Us

Our Story…
Wes and I {Kate} met in middle school, and by the end of our 8th grade year we were officially “together.”  We continued to get to know each throughout high school, even when Wes’s family moved to another state! We continued our relationship long distance for two years until Wes moved back here for college. It was definitely hard, but it also helped us to grow in many ways! 

Nov 2008

Wes proposed in the fall of 2008, and in December of that year I finally got diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I began to learn about the wonders of the gluten free lifestyle: It was overwhelming at first, but we’ve come along way since then! Wes graduated in May of 2009, and in June we got married. We welcomed our first little blessing 2011 and we were instantly in love! In May I graduated with a degree in TESOL and began my journey as a full-time stay-at-home mama.

 W&K wedding
I started this blog in October 2011 as a way to “keep busy” {ha!} and to share our lives, projects, and “adventures in gluten-free cooking“: a lot has happened since then! We welcomed our second little girl in April 2013, and one month later we closed on our first home! We spent the rest of 2013 working on renovations until we finally moved-in in December. 
Georgia vacation with Kate’s family: fall of 2013 

Wes and I also worked on our foster care training during that time and officially became licensed foster parents in March of 2014. A few months later in June we found out we were expecting again, but continued to take short-term/respite foster placements. Between taking care of various extra kiddos and the sickness throughout most my pregnancy, I took a lot of time off blogging! After welcoming our first sweet little boy however, things started to get easier, and I’ve been enjoying easing back into the world of blogging. 

family cruise 14
Disney cruise with Wes’s family: summer 2014

Due to privacy laws {to protect the kids in foster care} and the desire to protect our family, there’s little we can say about our “placements” in general, which obviously can be hard at times.  That being said, we have been very blessed to have been able to adopt another sweet little girl into our family, and we wouldn’t be complete without her! {Read our Adoption Story}

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