My Best Friend’s Bridal Shower
My Best Friend’s Bridal Shower

My Best Friend’s Bridal Shower

As some of you might know, the photo editing website Picnik is closing up shop in April {because they were bought out by Google… thanks guys!} Anyways lol, I’ve been gradually going through all of my hundreds of pictures I have on that site and downloading them before they’re lost forever. Last night I came across all the pictures I took at my friend Lauren’s bridal shower and never got around to posting about! {Friend fail 🙁 } So though her shower was all the way back in November, I thought now is probably better than never to share some of the fun stuff we came up with.

My parents were kind enough to let me host the shower at their house and everything was put together by yours truly with the help of my sisters, mom, and grandmother {thanks guys!}

I used double sided tape to keep the ribbon from slipping {or maybe it was a “loop” of tape?}

When our guest came in the front door they were greeted by this table {along with Lauren of course.} Each guest was asked to fill out a “Date Night Suggestion” card sometime before they left and put it in the glass jar for Lauren & her future hubs to use later.

I made these cards on Picnik and downloaded them to my computer. I then printed them out 6 to a page and cut them out with my wonder paper cutter my husband purchased for me.

{download PDF}

When walking in the front door this is the first thing you would have seen {the card table was to right of the door} We used all the living room furniture, the dining room chairs, and the little bench that had been where we placed the card table. Also you can just barely see the corner of one of the four tall stools {far right} we brought up from downstairs. There was JUST enough seats!

We placed a small tray with cookie sticks on the table in the living room {doesn’t my mom have awesome dishes??}

The kitchen and dining areas are to the right of the living room {you can see a little sliver of it chairs picture.} Apparently I failed to get a picture of the entire kitchen set up, so instead we have all the different elements broken down for ya:

At the beginning of the island we had plates & napkins {all supplies from our local Party Supply store.} We then ran tool, black & white beads, candles, and dried fruit & nut bowls down the center of the island along with the food display.

The plates & napkins were followed by GF Lemon Bars and GF Cake Pops

Our centerpiece was a fruit bowl followed by another cake pop platter

and then we ended with a lovely Milano cookie display {not gf!}

for beverages my mom picked up {along w/the cookies} some pink lemonade & Arnold Palmer tea

I love how it all turned out! In case you were wondering {&& I know you must be!} we played two games at this shower. I spent forever trying to find some simple, appropriate, not “too” embarrassing games, so I thought I might as well pass them along for anyone else that might have a shower to plan.

1. The Apron Game. This game is pretty simple. We went shopping and found a cute apron as well as about 20 little kitchen gadgets {going from the registry for much of it.} We then attached those items to the apron and hid it from sight. Later on after people had gotten some food, we put the apron on Lauren and had her walk around the middle of the room for several minutes while people took mental note of what she had on. Then we had her leave & take off the apron. Once the apron was hidden again the guests had about 5ish minutes to write down as much as they could remember {we told them how many items there were} They top three winners were each given a gift bag with a yummy smelling candle inside. And then of course Lauren got to keep the apron & gadgets as her gift from us.

2. The Bubblegum Game. I’ll admit I pretty much stole this game from a wedding shower I attended several years ago… but it’s super fun! I secretly asked Lauren’s fiance several questions and told him not to tell her about them. Using power point {if you don’t have PP, Google’s “Presentation” option under the Documents tab works great!}, I typed each question & answer on a slide and printed them out with the “handout” option. {so there were 6 or 9 to a page.} I then cut each “slide” out and taped them to pink index cards. At the shower I distributed the cards amongst the guests and they read them in the order they were numbered {I tried to go from somewhat easy to somewhat hard as best I could.} Here’s what we asked him:

1. What is your … Height
2. Eye color
3. Shoe size
4. Birthday
5. Where were you born (city, state, hospital…)
6. Favorite movie
7. Favorite pizza topping
8. What kind of cell phone do you have
9. Dream profession as a child
10. What was your first job
11. What high school did you attend
12. What middle school
13. What elementary
14. Favorite music group
15. Favorite outfit the Bride wears
16. If you could be any kind of animal, what animal would you be
17. First car
18. Pen or pencil
19. Vanilla or chocolate
20. Favorite scripture verse

It was pretty fun hearing Lauren’s answers compared to her fiance’s. It also seemed like it helped get everyone warmed up since there was a lot of laughter going on. So you my be wondering why it’s called the “bubble gum game?” Well for every answer Lauren got wrong, she had to add a piece of gum to her mouth and continue chewing till the game was over! And we’re not talking little sticks or those tiny pieces you pop out – we’re talking the giant Bubble Yum pieces that my mom would only ever let me eat half of at a time when I was a kid. She only got 5 wrong, but that was enough! good stuff 🙂


  1. mmmm, yummy food, fun games! love it. I think that bubblegum game sounds so fun. I love it when people have to answer questions about their fiance. 5 bubble gum balls is a lot! oh my gosh! her jaw must have been broken from that one!


    p.s. those cake pops look delish!

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