I’m getting LASIK… today!
I’m getting LASIK… today!

I’m getting LASIK… today!

I’m not usually big on sharing my “medical issues,” but I must share that I’m getting LASIK in just a few short hours!

I’ve been wanting this for years now, but have always been terrified of getting it done. I mean seriously, if something goes wrong it’s your EYES. However after a lot of research and prayer and everything just seemingly “coming together” {as far as the timing and financing,} I feel super confident I’m making the right choice.
So if you happen to see this today, keep me in your thoughts & prayers and I’ll be catching up with everyone in a few days! 🙂
That being said, I’m going to be away for several days and just wanted to let you guys know what was going on. I have a couple posts scheduled for tomorrow and Friday, but in order to let my eyes rest I won’t actually be around until at least this weekend {I have no idea how my eyes will react – some people are apparently fine right away and others take much longer.} I intend to write a much lengthier post on the procedure itself and my experience with it after all is said and done… but for now I really just need to not think about it!


My LASIK Journey Continues

My LASIK Experience


  1. momto8blog

    good for you!!  my husband keeps putting this off because he is busy….but pretty soon he will be joining you in the lasix ranks..almost everyone is happy with the results!

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