Oh, Hobb Lobbs
Oh, Hobb Lobbs

Oh, Hobb Lobbs

Last weekend I posted about needing help deciding on what kind of art to create for my kitchen walls, and pretty much everyone voted in favor of doing a coffee set. {thanks guys!} Based on some of your lovely comments I’ve also decided to do three pieces on each wall and to move the little cart out of the way for a more symmetrical look. Here’s what it looks like now in case you missed it:

After spending some time looking for frames online I was starting to get discouraged. We’re on a pretty tight budget trying to save up for a house and frames are not cheap! Then I remembered I still had some cash from Christmas, so I decided the best route was to just go Hobby Lobby and see what I could find… besides I still needed to get my wooden states! {more on that later.} Here’s what I ended up with…

Canvas & paints! I was pretty excited to find sets of two 16×20″ canvases for $8 per set – that’s pretty darn good. I held them up to the wall when I got home and there’s about 6″ on either side, so they’re the perfect size.

I’m not gunna lie, though I’m in love with art I have very little experience with painting pictures, and no experience with canvas. But I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to figure it out lol. My next step was to find some paints. The canvas label said for use with oil or acrylic paint, so I grabbed a bunch of Anita’s Acrylics… they’re only $0.67… seriously cheap. PLUS check out the names of these colors!!!

Latte – Cafe au Lait – Coffee – Mocha Java – Espresso Bean

Ahhh yeah. Technically I already had the Espresso from my Valentine’s Name Hearts project {as well as the purple, red, & pink colours below} but I’m seriously delighted with them 🙂 I also filled in the colors I didn’t have since I’m not completely set on what I’m doing yet & I wanted to have some options. I debating between keeping it all a brown scale or bringing in color with each of the cups {opinions?!?}

Violet – Island Blue – Lily Pad – Buttercup Yellow – Tangerine – True Red – Vivid Pink

I also “splurged” on some better quality brushes. After having used the “craft” brushed on previous projects, I knew they weren’t going to cut it this time.

You may be wondering why I named this “Hobb Lobbs” – it’s basically because of my love/hate relationship with Hobby Lobby. I was super excited about my finds for the kitchen art – at $40 total that puts each piece at $6.50 {and it’s not like I wont be able to reuse the brushes and left over paints!} However sometimes I just expect them to have any ‘ol thing my little imagination comes up with. If you remember, for our Picture Wall I made “temporary” states with cardstock and babyfood jar lids and taped them to the wall.

Yes, I said taped. The original goal was to hang the lids on nails, but uh that didn’t work, so I used tape. Isn’t it pretty?

Except for that it didn’t last long. And Hobby Lobby does not have any kind of state type object for me to add. So here’s how our wall’s been for the past couple months:

Too lazy to even remove the extra tape! Any one know where I can find some cute states? I think I’ll be heading to Etsy after I post this. O well…. I’m pretty excited to get started on my other project!


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