Gluten Free Simple Grilled Shrimp

These past few days have not been fun! This past weekend I felt a combination stomach ache/migraine coming on and by Monday night I had to go to bed pretty early. Today has been miserable, but my wonderful hubby actually took the afternoon off and watched little girl {who we’re pretty sure has what I have – which is super fun,} cleaned, and made supper! My goal for today had been to share my kitchen coffee art I FINALLY finished, but I had absolutely no energy or motivation to take the pictures yesterday or today, so those will have to wait. What I do have for everyone is a super yummy grilled shrimp recipe I found over at C’est pas de la tarte! {MareeAnn’s blog is in French, and she comes up with some pretty unique stuff… this is the first one I’ve been brave enough to attempt!}

[yumprint-recipe id=’18’] 

That’s it! We served with rice and steamed green beans & potatoes. I’m not normally a huge seafood person, but I enjoyed this dish. Wes on the other hand LOVES shrimp, and he ate way more than his fair share :).

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  1. Alejandra Gomez

    This sounds super delicious! I will definitely have to try to make this at some point! Also I hope you and Hayden feel better soon! You're lucky to have such a wonderful hubby to take care of you when you're sick =]

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