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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, these past couple weeks have been CRAZY! From a cranky teething baby, to both of us being terribly tired and sick since this past weekend, I’ve unfortunately missed out on staying in touch with a lot of you. So now that my brain has somewhat {and I do mean somewhat!} regained its ability to process information, I thought I’d take some time to mention several lovely bloggers, who need some appreciation!

First of all, a few of you let me know that you passed on some awards to me!:

Thanks ladies! I am truly honoured 🙂 Instead of “passing on” these awards I thought I would just mention a few awesome blogs I’ve recently come across:

Shannon @ tuned in
Nicholl @ Nicholl Vincent
‘Mama’ @ Our Tiny Place

I also need to mention a fantastic group of women I’m a part of, now officially {yes officially!} known as “the Golden Tribe.” These women each have unique handcrafted shops, with some fantastic items you all need to check out… many of them perfect for mothers day! So please, show them some love:

Aubrey @ Aubrey Plays
CUSTOM Purse. Diaper bag.
Custom Purse Diaper Bag… I SO wish I had seen this when I was desperately searching for something just like this when I had my first. Guess I’ll just have to wait till my current one gives out 😛
kindle. nook. e reader cover. doodle love.
kindle. nook. e reader cover. doodle love. – could this be any cuter? I don’t think so!
Torquise toddler head band
Turquoise Toddler Head Band – This would be mine if I could get little girl to wear headbands!
Cutie - Hand Crocheted My Little Monster Baby Hat
My Little Monsters – My SIL needs to hurry up and find out the gender of her little bundle!
Flower Pin – Kasey custom made this for me: purple of course!
Kelsey & Morgan @ Little Stitch
{The Little Stitch shop is temporary closed, but you MUST check them out when they reopen!}
The Maddie Make-Up Pouch - Bold & Beautiful Flower Print with Yellow Dot Accent
The Maddie MakeUp Pouch – Bought it. Love it.
The Wilbur eBook Cover - For Kindle or Nook with Multi-Colored Floral Print (Greens, Blues & Browns)
The Wilber eBook Cover
Natalie @  Take the Cannoli
Glory, Glory
Glory, Glory – o the hand-stitched wonderfulness of this hoop!
Seahorse Love
Seahorse Love – my seahorse obsessed lil’ sister may just be getting this one for her bday {so look away if you are reading this!!}
texas a&m note cards
Texas a&m note cards – I know some people who would love these! hmm…
You Are Loved Thumbprint
You Are Loved Thumbprint
Kate Alyse

Kate Alyse

Kate is a proud mama to six amazing little sweeties {through birth + adoption} and wife to the best husband a girl could ask for! She considers herself blessed to be able to stay home with the kids, and is just starting to get into the world of homeschooling. In her "spare-time" she enjoys sharing many of the projects, stories, and gluten-free recipes that are a part of their every day lives!
  • Autumn Fraley

    Thank you so much for the award, girl!!!
    I am loving that diaper bag, too!
    Following you back:)

  • Alejandra Gomez

    Awee thank you so much for mentioning my blog!! I cannot even begin to describe how surprised I was at seeing my name there. I did a double take lol. But I'm so glad that you came across mine and I was able to find yours as a result 🙂

  • Absolutely! – i know right?! I seriously spent forever on Etsy trying to find the perfect one and ended up just buying one off eBay. I don't think it will make it through another child though, so I'm sure I'll get my opportunity lol 😛

  • You're so very welcome! I very much enjoy reading about all your fun adventures 🙂

  • nicholl Vincent

    I am so grateful and excited that you mentioned my blog! I was so taken back when I saw it. How very sweet of you Kate. I really appreciate it, and I'm so glad I get to read about your sweet life! Feel better!


  • Shannon @ :tunedin

    Thanks for the shout-out girlfriend! I've been so grateful to discover your blog as well!

  • Little Stitch

    Thank you for the mention, Kate! I hope to have LittleStitch up and running again in a few weeks (sure miss it!).

  • amongthelilies

    Kate, thank you soo much for the blog love!!! (: I am truly honored!!! (: I look forward to reading your blog as well! (:

  • Congratulations on the awards!

  • Sarah Benson

    Wow, thank you so much for mentioning me and my blog!  I really hope you and your family are starting to feel better and get on the mend.  Oh and I mentioned you in my post today!

  • Luving the Maddie make up pouch and the glory glory hand stitched art!  All you ladies are awesome!! 

  • Awe – thank you so much for the feature!! 🙂 love you times a million!

  • well good! you have such a fun blog, I was really glad to have found it! && thanks, I'm getting there {hopefully today is the last of this sickness!}

  • absolutely! 🙂

  • you're very welcome 🙂 I'm sure you do! I know you guys have a lot going on… don't worry about it – you guys are so awesome I'm sure you'll still have plenty of customers whenever ya'll get around to reopening 🙂

  • absolutely 🙂 so glad we found each other!

  • thanks dear!

  • you're welcome! thanks for the well wishes 🙂 I seem to be the only one with lingering symptoms now, so I'm really hoping today is the end of it! {&& I checked out the post – thanks!!}

  • Aren't they though?? I know some pretty awesome gals 😛

  • you deserve it! 🙂

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