Inspiration Friday: Patience

I often tell my husband that I think God’s life lesson for me is patience && these past couple weeks have really proved that point! Little girl has been getting her next round of teeth, and if you haven’t been around a teething toddler let’s just say it doesn’t exactly put them in the best of moods. Last Friday she was in one of the worst moods I’ve ever seen her in – the entire day was like one looong meltdown. At one point in time, she flung herself backwards into my face. This freaked me out because she hit my eye and I was really concerned since I am supposed to avoid contact with my eyes for a couple weeks still {due to my LASIK a couple weeks ago.} Well my eye ended up being fine, but after lunch I discovered the majority of one of my teeth had broken completely off! Then of course the whole ordeal with getting that fixed. Anyways, patience 🙂


Inspiration Friday with DCL

Vintage Windows

Lately I’ve been inspired by many of the Vintagy windows I’ve been seing on Pinterest and Etsy, so I wanted some of my own to work on. I tried to find ones on eBay or locally that hadn’t been turned into projects yet, but they were SO expensive!

{A few of the vintage window inspirations}

Erika Erkkila: top left, The Tracy Joan: top right, madebymarcie: bottom left, crazy.cottage.cute.: bottom right

I happened to remember that my dad recently bought some land with some old barns on it & asked if he knew if any old windows were out there… he told me to just go out and look – so look we did! I am thrilled with the find – we ended up with 8 windows total of varying shapes and sizes. With everything we have going on right now it may be a while before I can get to them all, but here’s what I have to work with…

our first finds of the day {Barn 1}
we popped out the outer 2 windows of Barn 2 {the middle one was stuck!}
These babies just barely fit in our car
I found this beautiful door while we were waiting for Wes to load the car
all the windows arranged in our garage