Inspiration Friday: Patience
Inspiration Friday: Patience

Inspiration Friday: Patience

I often tell my husband that I think God’s life lesson for me is patience && these past couple weeks have really proved that point! Little girl has been getting her next round of teeth, and if you haven’t been around a teething toddler let’s just say it doesn’t exactly put them in the best of moods. Last Friday she was in one of the worst moods I’ve ever seen her in – the entire day was like one looong meltdown. At one point in time, she flung herself backwards into my face. This freaked me out because she hit my eye and I was really concerned since I am supposed to avoid contact with my eyes for a couple weeks still {due to my LASIK a couple weeks ago.} Well my eye ended up being fine, but after lunch I discovered the majority of one of my teeth had broken completely off! Then of course the whole ordeal with getting that fixed. Anyways, patience ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. I know what it's like to have jaw problems ๐Ÿ™ I have been going through it for the past 2.5 years now, and I'm in an orthotic to correct my midline and bite. I have no idea really what's next — they've told me maybe braces or maybe ceramic crowns to adjust my bite if they decide its a choice after they see how my bite progresses with the orthotic. It's been horrible though, so I know what you mean. I just want it over and fixed. I've had an MRI to show that one side of my jaw is longer than the other, and at least one of my "discs" is misplaced or gone. Signs of deterioration as well. Honestly, I don't really understand what it all means! Everything was fine and then one day, my jaw and some of my teeth started to hurt and it hasn't stopped since. I was told that my bite has apparently has always been off but the dentists I went to in the past were not specialized in bite problems. It's been really a huge challenge and everyday I wish it would just go away. I have to remind myself that it's happening for a reason and I can get through it. I am with a neuromuscular dentist now, after going to many dentists who really had no idea what they were doing regarding bite issues. I think I am finally on the right track, but sometimes I wish I could just push a button and it would all be fixed.

    Anyways, I feel for you! Patience is hard at times.

    Also with Hayden teething, have you tried any homeopathic remedies for teething? That really helped Sophie.

  2. Shannon @ :tunedin

    Oh Kate–I'm sure this was a very difficult post to write. Thanks so much for opening yourself up. I'm so proud of you for taking your frustration to the Lord even though your patience is wearing out. I too, struggle with patience (in general). Those are some beautiful quotes as well…very encouraging! And just remember, "the best is {really truly} yet to come"! Hang in there girl!

  3. Jacy

    Holy cow! This is a lot… Thank you for sharing and for your example!

    I love all the quotes and you will be in my thoughts and prayers this next while as you prepare and endure this one last surgery.

    Have a marvelous weekend… Kate! I'm rooting for you… And I don't even know you personally… Lol…



  4. Sarah Benson

    I just came across your blog and I'm hooked! ย What a great message to share with everyone. ย Patience is such a great reminder to us all and something I dearly struggle with. ย You have been through a lot and it's wonderful to see your attitude towards it all.ย 

  5. I have been going through a lot of emotions today…a combo of everything: motherhood, chores, blogging, and basically wishing/hoping for some things that I know will take time…thx for all the patience quotes…I really needed them! ย I tend to put too much on my plate, and your quotes put everything into perspective…that things will get done, and the best is yet to come…thx for the hope Kate!!

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