Inspiration Friday: Fitness
Inspiration Friday: Fitness

Inspiration Friday: Fitness


Monday Wes & I will be starting a new fitness/exercise plan together and I super pumped! {Everyone knows you can’t start being healthy until the Monday after you decide to start working out again!} So in honour of our new resolutions, today’s inspiration is to help me stay focused and inspire anyone else who needs a little nudge ;).



  1. This week, Sophie and I have been either walking, biking or using our kick scooters in the morning. We have a park that's in another neighborhood, but not too far from our house so we usually go there. It's about a 10 minute walk, and we get there slightly faster if we're biking or using our kick scooters. Not much though, because Sophie likes to stop a long the way to admire the flowers, etc 🙂

    But I am trying to exercise more, because I used to do pilates before I was pregnant. I am still the same size clothes as I was pre-pregnancy, and I pretty much look the same.. no one would really know, but I know that I am not quite the same. I was more muscular and fit before. And Sophie is 5 years old… and I still haven't went back to doing my pilates at home! Shame on me.

  2. We loooove going on walks too! Hayden is more into admiring rocks at the moment haha.

    I know exactly what you mean! – I did Pilates all the time before and even all throughout my pregnancy with Hayden {and haven't done it since.} And I'm just a few pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight – but like you said my body is just completely different… I still don't feel like "myself"! So hopefully that changes as I finally start exercising again 🙂

  3. I like the quote "If you eat what you've always eaten, you weigh what you've always weighed" and I'd like to add… "or more…" 

    Good luck on your guys' fitness plan!Kyle and I are currently training for a 10k mud run, so we've been out running around lately. we need to do more though!~Lisha

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