DIY Maxi Dress (&intro to my first post)
DIY Maxi Dress (&intro to my first post)

DIY Maxi Dress (&intro to my first post)

I have just recently discovered the wonders of Pinterest! There are so many things that I would like to try, including many great ideas for families on a tight budget like us. I thought that I might as well create a blog to go with my newfound ambition for various household (& otherwise projects) to document all my wonderful discoveries and experiences.

My first creation inspired by a pin on Pinterest was a DIY simple maxi dress made by combining a tank top and fabric. {Found here}. Overall the concept is fairly simple, and I was able to cut 2 yards of fabric just right to create a dress for myself and my 8 month old.

I had some issues with the “elastic thread” suggested in the tutorial: it didn’t turn out stretchy as her blog said it would {probably my fault I’m sure.} But the beauty of this particular dress is that you cover it up with a big sash anyways so it didn’t end up really mattering…


Overall, not too bad for my first attempt at making clothing. The bottom hem didn’t turn out very wide.. probably should have just used the 2 yards on myself or gotten another yard to make the baby version. O well. I think I may shorten it to knee length to make it easier to walk in. We shall see…

[P.S. I added the pics w/the two of us after the fact… little girl is now 10 months and the dress is no long “maxi” on her :)]

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