Inexpensive Wall Décor
Inexpensive Wall Décor

Inexpensive Wall Décor

 I love art. And I love the cutesy kids type art that I see all over Target and everywhere else these days… what I am not loving is the price they want me to pay for said art.

So what do I do? Well I make an attempt at creating my own wall art! I’ve done various art projects over the course of my life, and maybe once have I worked with coloured pencil, but I thought I would give it a whirl and see what would happen…


And so we have Mr. Fish. When I was creating him, for whatever reason, I though I was using my watercolor colored pencils {which are really cool} so I added water to him. They were not my water colour pencils. lol. Luckily it didn’t ruin the picture… just warped the paper a bit. Shortly after this creation {which I obviously posted to Facebook} my sister asked me to do a seahorse…

I was pretty proud of this outline – I think I got lucky 😛
After seeing it, she called it a zebra-tiger-seahorse. I agree 🙂

I had some old frames already so I just trimmed the pictures ever so slightly to make them fit. Simple, personal wall art outside the nursery! 

Even if you’re not artsy type, there are other easy, cheap ways to make your own vibrant wall art. The pictures below are from our playroom – All I did was arrange the “picture sides” of the pages from an old calendar in rectangle on the wall with push pins. These actually used to serve as the “boarder” along the top of the wall in my old bedroom, but I think I like this better. 

Ok, so that was really only like 2 examples, but the moral of the story is to get creative & don’t be afraid to experiment!

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