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Tutorials and Projects

Inspiration Friday: Fall Crafts


O my goodness, it has been forever since I have done one of these! Ah! Well now that we’repast that whole “first trimester sickness” silliness, I’m glad to say I’m finally getting back into my blogging routine! Yeay 🙂 Even though we are sadly nearing the end of fall, I still wanted to sneak in a couple of fall inspired posts {we won’t mention that I found these pictures several months ago and then did nothing with them…} Today I’m sharing many of the fun Fall Crafts I’ve been wanting to try!


Inspiration Friday with DCL


Inspiration Friday: Sew Amazing

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Happy Friday everyone! Today is sunny and wonderful, and I’m very optimistic it’s going to be a great day. With the weekend just around the corner, comes the time to work on all my wonderful Spring projects. O if there were time to do everything I wanted. To I’m sharing some of the awesome sewing projects that look super fun to attempt… maybe someday I’ll have time for them all!

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Inspiration Friday: Vintage Windows

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My second post ever on this blog was about how I found some amazing windows at a couple of old barns on some land my dad owns and how I want to fix them up into something awesome:


Well that was back in October, and it quickly became too cold to work outside on them in the garage {excuses, excuses!} In the mean time, my grandmother commissioned me to fix some of them up specifically for her! They are in the process of building a new barn and would like a few of these for the interior. I’ve got them cleaned up, I have most of my supplies bought – now I just need to take the plunge and do it! {Which is only slightly intimidating since I technically have no idea what I’m doing, but o well} And so since I intend on getting down to business on these bad boys tomorrow, I thought I’d share some of the inspirations we drew from when working up the plans for these {and some that are just plain awesome!} You’ll have to wait and see what I actually do with them 😛

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So what do you guys think? Any of these ideas rock your socks of?? & are there any other awesome ideas I should know about? O and if anyone has done this before and would like to share some tips with me, that would be great too 🙂