DIY Canvas Coffee Art
DIY Canvas Coffee Art

DIY Canvas Coffee Art

This has to be one of the most drawn out projects I’ve ever worked on! All the way back in February, {yes February!}, I posted some pictures of my kitchen wall as well as a bunch of Photoshopped art ideas and asked you guys to help me decide what to do by voting on your favorite concept & layout.

The consensus seemed to be that I should move the junk off both walls and do several pieces following the coffee theme.

About a week later, I kicked off March with a trip to Hobby Lobby to get my creative juices flowing and to get some supplies to start my project! Originally I was trying to find some frames the right size for my wall, but frames are just SO expensive. Instead I discovered Hobby Lobby had packs of 2 16″x20″ canvasses for only $7.99 and decided that I wanted to figure out a way to make them work.

I knew I wanted to give the canvases some sort of background texture, so I decided to cover them in book pages from Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It took a few days to get them all covered, but it was definitely worth it! 

After I had the canvases covered, I sketched out what I wanted my different coffees to look like on graph paper {scaled 16 squares by 20 squares, so each square represented an inch on the canvas}

I also played around with paint trying to decide if I wanted to do coloured cups or not… so glad I did!

Next I typed out my titles in word, using the grid to make sure the letters were the correct size. At first I wanted to use the letters as stencils, but I realized I might as well just use the letters themselves if I was going to do all the work of cutting them out!

I used a flexible measuring tape to lay out my letters on the canvas and glued them on with regular ‘ol Elmer’s glue

Using the same measuring tape, plus an additional ruler, I referenced the grids I had drawn my coffee cups on and drew out the big versions with pencil. Once those were finished I “coloured them in” with paint. These steps probably took up the biggest chunk of time, mainly because I was nervous to attempt the large scale drawings, then nervous to paint them! Moral of the story: just do it!

After I had all the cups painted, I thought they still looked a little plain, so I added more texture with stencils, hand drawn swirls, and by lightly glazing over the pages with a couple colours of the coffee coloured paints. {In order to make “glaze” you just add water to your paint, depending on how transparent you want it to be.}

And then finally I got to hang them in our kitchen! Woohoo! They’ve actually been up for at least a week now – maybe even two. But between being sick and desperately needing to do some cleaning, it took a while for me to get around to taking pictures of them 🙂

And here’s where the little cart ended up that had been on the wall before. {Recognize that strawberries sign??}

So wonderful to finally have these done and up! Here are some close ups:


  1. Allie

    They look so great! I especially love that you used book pages as the background texture. And this is definitely one of my favorite DIY projects! Perfect for a coffee lover 🙂

  2. Totally! Sorry for the delayed response, I've been super out of touch with this blog lately after having our second child last month! But yes, you may absolutely use this idea (& I'd love to see pictures if you do!!)

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