Our Picture Wall is Finally Finished!
Our Picture Wall is Finally Finished!

Our Picture Wall is Finally Finished!

As a little reminder, here’s where we started: after purchasing and spray painting my frames, I traced & numbered them all on newspaper and started laying them out… After getting everything hung, I decided it wasn’t quite right, and ended up deciding to redo it!  Despite my reluctance to put even more holes in our poor wall, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up bringing back the piece that originally hung above our couch to give the whole collage a little bit more weight. I definitely think it helped balance everything out. I still maintained some of the variety I was going for as the sets of pictures on either side don’t match exactly, just somewhat – which I like.

left side

right side

Overall I’m pretty pleased with the outcome!  


  1. Shannon @:tunedin

    Decorating is ALWAYS a process. And even once I think I'm done, there's always some tweaking afterwards. I definitely like your last wall collage the best. Very balanced, but still maintains lots of interest. Nice job Kate! That was no easy feat I'm sure!!

  2. Looks very nice, Kate. Good thinking to tape up some newspaper before you put any nails in. And you're right. There's no wrong way. As long as you like how it looks in the end, that's all that matters! 🙂


  3. Bonnie Louisa

    I love it!  It looks so great!  Now if you would just come over to my house and do that for me!  I hate putting frames on the wall almost more than anything so our house never looks too cute.  Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better.  I look forward to following along!

    new follower 🙂

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