Yostie Award
Yostie Award

Yostie Award

Hey guys! The other day I was awarded the Yostie award by Lisha & Kyle @ 1house1couple. {Thanks guys!!}

So here’s how it works:

  • First of all, you need to choose a blog that you’ve really been enjoying lately.
  • Go submit the blog you chose at the Yostie Blog Award Hall of Fame.
  • Then write a blog post honoring the blog you chose.
  • You must include two of your favorite blog posts from that blog to link to.
  • The post must include these rules.
  • Include the Yostie button html code somewhere in your sidebar:


Alrighty! First of all it was sooooo hard to pick just one blog! Each time I get one of these “pass-along” type awards I try to include different people or new bloggers I’m just getting to know! That being said, the blog I decided to pass on this award to is…. {insert drumroll}…. Little Lucy Lu! I stumbled across this lovely blog when I came across a “pin” on Pinterest that had been uploaded by a user and wanted to track down it’s original source. Using Google’s reverse image search {by dragging the image into the search box} I found Bec @ Little Lucy Lu {named for her adorable little girl} and instantly fell in Love! Bec blogs about family, life, projects, and cooking {a woman after my own heart :)} and is absolutely hilarious!

Here are two of my favorite posts:

  • Ladder Laundry Rack – this is the post that led to to the blog {I’m sure many of you have seen this!} Bec converts a ladder to a super cute  laundry rack by painting it turquoise, adding some hooks, and hanging it from the ceiling! If you haven’t seen this yet, you simply must go look at it now!
  • Little Bit of Life… Confessions from the Bathroom – A perfect example of how hilarious this woman is 🙂

Alright Bec, now it’s your turn! 🙂


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