Inspiration Friday: Princess Kate
Inspiration Friday: Princess Kate

Inspiration Friday: Princess Kate

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So I’ve never really focused on an individual person for Inspiration Friday, but every single time I see a picture of the former Kate Middleton, I am just in awe of how gorgeous she looks. Of course I’m sure it helps to have a crap ton of money and to actually have a reason to wear dresses all the time and not look out of place. But still. The biggest reason she inspires me is because she ALWAYS looks classy and pulled together. To be fair, she does have just as many amazing “casual” looks… which is what I’m going to focus on today πŸ™‚

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  1. lupusguru

    Looking at some photos, I can tell which were taken before she became a royal. But, HOW, is she able to flit about in jeans (#1 and #11) and not be overtaken by an army of paparrzi. She is so darned gorgeous and effortless in her elegance (and I say that aabout a woman half my age).

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