Pom Necklaces
Pom Necklaces

Pom Necklaces

These necklaces were created as gifts for my cousins. I found a tutorial for them on the stay-at-home artist blog: it was a guest post by Rachel Obrien. The weren’t quite as easy as I though {NOT hard, I just suck at using the hot glue gun :P}, but very simple. I love how they turned out!

one of the sets…

To do this you will need a necklace with a flat round charm, scrap
fabric, & a hot glue gun. I just bought a pack of chains and a pack
of charms at JoAnn’s

{I used the white fabric in both sets}

tutorial I linked to above pretty much explains it all, the only place I
varied was cutting out my circles. The tutorial traced the charm 10
times, then cut out 10 circles {for 1 necklace}. After tracing 2
cirlces, I decided there was no way in heck I was tracing and cutting 60
circles! So I traced 1 circle per fabric, cut strips, then cut the
strips into squares using my original circle as a guide. I then stacked
the squares and pinned them to cut them all out at once using the circle
I traced as my guide. It went pretty quickly.

I discovered that the less the variation between the front and the
back of the fabric, the better the “pom” looked {in my opinion}

After you have your circles cut out, pinch them one at a time in the middle {I used a toothpick}, add hot glue to the twisted middle, and immediately place on charm: repeat. I worked my way out from the middle. {My pictures of this seem to have disappeared, but check out the link to the original post if what I’m saying is confusing.} I picked out the chain colors to coordinate with the fabric and each other so that the necklaces could be worn as a set or individually. Here they are displayed on my chair…

To gift them I printed off a Gift Box template from Tip Junkie on cardstock, wrapped them in tissue, and stuck ’em inside. I think they looked pretty cute.

I added my sticker gift tags before making them into boxes so they’d be easier to write on… so cute!


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