Inspiration Friday: Foods for Spring
Inspiration Friday: Foods for Spring

Inspiration Friday: Foods for Spring

I’ve been so happy with our unseasonable warm/nice weather here that I’ve been even more excited for Spring to get arrive! Then we got a nice little blizzard yesterday. BUT – I refuse to acknowledge it and am going to go on with my embracing of Spring… and what better way with some delicious looking “spring” recipes?

Applesauce fruit blends {Family Feedbag}
zebra cupcakes! {the sasse life}
Strawberry, Blueberry, & Pomegranate Fruit Leather {Free Spirit Eater}
Snack ideas {Six Sister’s Stuff}
how to frost cupcakes (this would be great for Easter!) {Glorious Treats}
Strawberry & Wild Plum Jam {The Yankee Southern Belle Cooks}
Fruit Rollups {The Copycat Cook}
Green Berry Smoothie {nutrition to invigorate}
It would seem to be that to me “spring food” means fruit, smoothies, healthy or Easter related. Makes sense right?!? Now I just need to actually make some of these instead of lusting after them πŸ™‚


  1. Oh my gosh, Kate! You always have such wonderful food items to share! As I was scrolling down this blog post, if I was thinking out loud, my cat would have been hearing me say oooooh aaaaah ooooooh aaaaaah for about 5 minutes!


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